Hello! Welcome to my brand new sparkly website! It’s pretty, isn’t it? I like my flowery dress on the homepage. I wanted more flowers everywhere, but was told Cath Kidston was threatening litigation proceedings, so I had to back off.

It’s been a busy few months, what with quitting my grown up job and taking part in ITV’s Show Me the Funny (Monday’s @ 9pm ITV1 from July 18). So apparently, I am now a full time funny person which is pretty ace.

It’s hard work. They don’t tell you that. You have to drink loads of lattes while looking intently at the screen of your Mac Book Air. Unfortunately, I don’t like coffee or have a Mac Book Air, so I’m making do with a glass of Nesquik , and a notepad that comes with a mini pencil that cleverly hides in its spine. I like to pretend that the pencil is actually a tiny Excalibur that I must heroically heave from its special dwelling place before any writing can commence. Sometimes I do a Sharapova-esque groan at the same time to make the scene more realistic. I spend a lot of time alone.

Anyway, please have a look around my new internet home. I hope to get a list of where I’m gigging up and running on here soon, so in the meantime ‘like’ my page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to find out where I’ll be, and more importantly what my ‘hilarious’ neighbours with the full sized plastic garden dwelling horse will dress him in next. Last week it was a bowler hat, so who knows what kind of wackiness next week will bring.