My Week

I’ve started filming ‘Snog Marry Avoid?’! Hurrah! I’m having a hoot!

It means I’ve spent a fair bit of time lately meeting the brave folk of Britain who want to challenge POD for a ‘makeunder’. They have, without exception, been great fun to chat with, but as you can imagine if you’ve watched the show before (i.e., ALL OF YOU) pre-overhaul, 90% of them look like they’ve rolled around in furniture varnish before jumping into a well of glitter (in a manor very similar to preparing a breaded chicken escalope).

For the palest Essex girl this side of Romford, this has been somewhat of an education.

It’s actually proved a little shocking to me how so many of these girls and guys seem to be dependent on their tan and eyelashes etc to make them feel presentable and then in turn, actually able to leave the house. It’s become a pattern that some of them just can’t seem to break out of, so I’ve been intrigued to catch up with them all to see for myself if they have been able to keep their new, more natural look.

When they have, and they tell me how the experience has impacted positively on their life (and the colour of their towels and bed sheets) I have been genuinely chuffed.

Gosh, that was serious wasn’t it. Sorry. Quick, I’ll lighten the mood. TITS. WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH TITS, HEY?

The production team I’m working with are super good craic and I’m learning lots about telly. Like, the sound-man has told me that if ever I need to mic up people doing nude ice-skating, just whack the mic pack in their hair. You couldn’t BUY that sort of knowledge.

With all the travelling I’m doing for the show, I’m also learning how to make myself feel at home in hotel rooms very quickly. This is achieved by losing my eyelash curlers immediately and drinking tea while listening to Dolly Parton on Spotify.

I have also started rating hotel rooms on how luxurious I deem they are. I’m thinking of setting up an accommodation guide to rival the AA’s. Although I think I need to raise my 5* rating requirements as so far I only have ‘Must offer a shower cap and room service staff who don’t judge harshly when they deliver a guests starter and main course, that is actually, two puddings.’